Monday, September 29, 2008


Ok, so I am just popping in to say "Hi" to my readers. I got into trouble this past week by -you know who you are- for not posting since's been a while I guess.
I have been keeping busy from my neighbors kindness. I got a call Sat. morning and was offered as many grapes as I can pick, so I went over and filled a box full and am now making grape juice, love that stuff. I ran out of jars though and wouldn't you know that none of the stores have the quart size, at least till the middle of this week, so my juice making is now on hold. :( Well, I did get some made. Earlier this summer we were also blessed with a load of cucumbers from another of our wonderful neighbors, my kids really ate them up. Hee hee. Truly both of these gifts were such a blessing to us. My garden only did well in peas and green beans this year.

What's that? You came here to see how Sananda is doing?? Oh, ok. Well, she is doing great. Really growing up and talking so much more and saying things that keep amazing me. Her potty training is coming along great, Finally. Although she did potty in the toy isle of a store a couple of weeks ago. Sorry workers! NOW, we wear diapers when we are out to church or shopping, just in case. What else? She is really into kittens and loves to carry them with her all over outside. The slide is her other big favorite.

We went camping the other night because my husband set up the tent to dry out from our last overnighter as it rained on us. It kept dripping in on our son through a link in the window and got his mattress all wet. It seems everytime we try to camp, especially in the tent, it rains. So, the tent was dryed out, or so we thought, and we climb in there to sleep for the night and Olivia says that her matteress is wet. What!!! The tent had been up for a couple of days and should have been dried out. I grabbed the flashlight and looked at it and sure enough the mattress was more than a little wet. I lifted it up and there was a TON of water underneath it too. Also under ours and the boys. At first I thought Sananda must have brought in a container of water and dumped it on there, which is another of her favorite things to do these days, but it was WAY too much water for that or for a cat to have left a gift. Since our wasn't matteress wet, on the top at least, the girls piled in by me to sleep. By the morning poor daddy woke up on the floor of the tent, amazingly not wet. We guessed that the rain from a couple of days ago must have gotten in and we didn't notice, either that or it was a great practical joke from some friends. Whatever it was from, I think we have decided to trash this tent because of the holes in it. No more camping for awhile. We can still enjoy a campfire though, which I think is my favorite part of camping anyway.

Have a great Monday and enjoy this wonderful fall weather!