Monday, July 9, 2007

A Time of Firsts

We took Sananda to her first concert in the park which featured Chris Rice, Thor Ramsey, and Stellar Kart. She loved it as you can see and we had a hard time keeping her from standing on her chair. She didn't learn that from any of us! :) There was also a play ground there that we had to check out for awhile.

Sananda is sure growing up fast. She took her very first step on my birthday last month, but hadn't taken one since. I was starting to wonder when she would ever try it again. Well this week she has decided that the time is now. It has been so fun watching her try out her new walking skills. She still crawls mostly but she is getting braver and will be going all over on two feet before long. She says" yeah" and claps for herself when she walks and looks to see if we are excited for her too. Of course we are!

Sananda at the 4th of July parade. Sananda liked her first 4th of July, parade and she wasn't even scared of the loud firetruck horns. We took Sananda to the fireworks but she slept through all of them, even the really loud bangs. Next year I hope she stays awake to see how pretty they all are. She slept through the sparklers too. She did get to see the 4th of July parade though and loved it.

I would love for us to celebrate India's Independance day here and am wondering what they do in India to celebrate. I think they have fireworks too and maybe a parade with elephants? We can't do that here, but if anyone else has any ideas what to do, besides sparklers and hitting the zoo, let me know. I know some of you who are reading this may already celebrate this in the US.
We also went camping for the first time with Sananda. It went ok, except she didn't want to give in and go to sleep at night as she might miss something exciting. So, we enjoyed the campfire,
made smores, and she enjoyed eating the graham crackers.