Friday, April 27, 2007

Sananda at Home

Thanks for peeking in again!!!
Thanks for all your prayers that got us through the whole adoption process and for your support in each way that you have contributed. Most of all, thanks to God for bringing Sananda and us together as a family. Without Him, we could not have done it.

Easter picture.

Let's play ball.

Sananda turns 1 year old. She is not real sure about this cake thing. However, she found out that it is good after all.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pictures of New Dehli

Well, if we have not lost all of you by now, we finally got around to posting a few pictures of New Dehli.

Presidential Palace
Outside of McDonald's in New Dehli
McDonald's menu inside the store.
Ghandi memorial
India Gate Monument - our camera ran out of batteries before we could get a picture of us in front of it.
Mt. Dew at last!!! - this outside vendor was the only place that had some.
With 4 people and a baby, we had a lot of luggage. The driver had to SET(not tie down) some of our luggage on the top of the taxi. But we didn't lose anything on the wild ride to the airport.